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Beckwith Mountains
A view over Lost Lake towards the Beckwith Mountains in Colorado. July 23, 2007 in Colorado, USA.

 Imagemaker from Germany:November 24th, 2011
Excellent-fantastic-beautiful-well done !
 jj from Netherlands:August 16th, 2011
Bob Ross couldn't do better
 KViki from Russia:June 17th, 2011
 usman from Pakistan:September 14th, 2010
most beautiful photo
 adel from Algeria:September 1st, 2010
 adel from Location unknown:September 1st, 2010
nice vue.
 Juan Luis from Spain:June 14th, 2010
Un lugar muy hermoso
 hysni from Location unknown:February 22nd, 2010
is very beautiful photo
 NauSer from Location unknown:October 7th, 2009
Сколько красивых уголков на нашей планете!Здорово! :-)
 akhilesh from Location unknown:October 6th, 2009
nice one.
 Suliko from Georgia:July 3rd, 2009
Its my georgia
 Chaula Kuruwa from Location unknown:April 30th, 2009
lovely ..beautiful...
 dabu from Russia:April 16th, 2009
your country should be loved for it's colors...
 lary from Spain:February 10th, 2009
reeeeeeelaXx! :)
it's perfect
 Edyta from Poland:August 12th, 2008
Lovely photo. I like green colour:)
 vishal shah from Location unknown:July 9th, 2008
really beautiful and very soothing to eyes
 akram from Morocco:May 26th, 2008
 Olga from Russia:May 16th, 2008
These fotos are the most beautiful fotos I have seen for today))))
 Rissa from USA:May 5th, 2008
woah! that is amazing
 jelle from Netherlands:March 20th, 2008
No man made construction can ever compete with nature in any form!
 Sherry Lin from Taiwan:January 24th, 2008
I like this photo!
 toro from lunita0226:January 2nd, 2008
te amo
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