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Mt Sopris View
Looking north west from Mt. Sopris. Elevation: 12,953 feet. July 24, 2007 in Colorado, USA.

 Lighthouse from Germany:December 11th, 2011
Great Shot-great Landscape!Well Done..
 jeay from India:December 13th, 2009
wow...its beautiful
 Any from Ivorycoast:October 21st, 2009
Simply wonderfull! What a beautifull country...For me, it means peace and silence...an opportunity to speak with our God!
 RachelS from USA:July 4th, 2009
I was admiring your beautiful picture, and then it occurred to me that you actually got to climb the mountain to get this picture. Oh, to have a job like yours!
 Pedro Paulo Deodato from Brazil:May 27th, 2009
When i see photos as it i record in my personal computer. This photo´s extraordinary! This photo haves a wonderful image. Thank you for the brightness work that you´ve done.
 JEXcome from Ukraine:April 17th, 2009
Nice picture, beautiful place. thanx )
 gme from Brazil:November 25th, 2008
i m sjhjbhazxb ugsqjspi
 Lara from Ukraine:October 27th, 2008
Thank you for the beautiful wallpaper!
 Max from Russia:September 23rd, 2008
Beautifull photo!
 Jaco from China:July 27th, 2008
i love IT ^^
 Valery Shaposhnikov from Russia:May 30th, 2008
Photo of Montaun on Colorado
 Valery Shaposhnikov from Russia:May 15th, 2008
Beatifull photo (xxxxx)
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