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Hanging Lake
Hidden nearly a thousand feet up in the steep walls of Glenwood Canyon sits Hanging Lake, its crystal clear waters brilliantly reflecting the intense blue-green of the sky and trees surrounding. August 1, 2008 in Colorado, USA.

 Vio from Czechrepublic:November 13th, 2015
Gosh, I wish I would have had that inmofration earlier!
 nahr from Algeria:November 12th, 2010
formidable ..photos..c'curieux de voire ses voeux de vrai nature.
 Lee Dubbs from USA:November 10th, 2010
I love your photos, the composition and angles are great. This one reminds me of some Of the areas I saw in PA while visiting my in-laws some years ago. The rivulets and falls are beautiful when they freeze in winter up there. I just wish I could get back there with a good camera.
 Elena from USA:June 2nd, 2010
The bright blue sky sure does make this a beautful picture!!! I love it!!!
 Kristna from Lithuania:December 3rd, 2009
It's so nice! wonderful!!!
 Brenda Ransey Deodato de Souza from Brazil:May 21st, 2009
This pictures very beautiful, in places as this the waters pure, we can to drink without fear.
 serjinio from Ukraine:April 13th, 2009
Ҹ =)
 Artem from Ukraine:March 15th, 2009
very beautiful.I liked/
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