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Mountains from Loveland Pass
View of the mountains from the summit of Loveland Pass. July 29, 2008 in Colorado, USA.

 Karen from USA:August 18th, 2011
I lived nearby in Boulder,Colorado,USA for 15 yrs. I miss hiking and skiing these mountains SO MUCH! In nature, I find God's beauty and peace. But I have family there and will be back.
 Peter from Location unknown:June 7th, 2011
I've been there!!

 Pedro Paulo Deodato from Brazil:May 19th, 2009
My Beloved God thank you for to create these wonderful mountains. One day in my life, iŽll see it with my own eyes. Wondrous work that done. Gby.
 dabu from Russia:April 16th, 2009
John, your r living in a parallel reality. I can't imagine such a buty in mine
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