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A Creek Through The Snow
A small creek winding through the snow-covered forest in Tennessee, USA February 3, 2007 in Tennessee, USA.

 Koady from Czechrepublic:November 13th, 2015
Enjoy your blog...very much. But ...enough is enough..enjoy your trip... have your pity party and then get back and pull youserlf together.. dust youserlf off ... and get on with life. Today is a gift and tomorrow is promised to no one. (No I am not a religous fanatic..it is factual information)
 Max from Russia:October 6th, 2008
I am from place much far from Tennessee. But I'm very love winter! Frozy mornings and slow falling down snow... So this picture make me smile and imagine that winter days!
 Tuesday Ervin from MS:April 27th, 2007
I am from Tennessee and the pictures that are posted takes me back home when I need to be there! I love these pictures and hope to see many more.
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