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Orange Butterfly
Orange butterfly in Tennessee May 17, 2007 in Tennessee, USA.

 Priscila from Romania:December 20th, 2012
Hi Erwin,Yes, I know people like that too prlobem is it's the abandoned sites that are potentially good for wildlife and the whole business of creating them is disruptive and destructive during their lifetime.A point that is hard to get across to some diehard hands off everything types is that without human intervention our landscapes and the biodiversity therein would be very different and, I would contend, far less rich. Scale is a prlobem where huge machines move vast quantities of earth and create great scars on a landscape.Growing up in an industrial S Wales gave me a perverse kind of optimism that Nature would win now it is hard to find remnants of the mining industry. You might even find a romantic' idealism of the life..but not from anyone who worked down in those holes, water up their waists and then lay broken at 50 By the way that garden' is just 1 Ha of land in Central Italy I am writing this before dawn breaks because the bloody nightingales keep me awake. It was just rough farmland we have let weeds grow and a great deal visits us: 6 -7 different species of fritllary, 2 swallowtails, large and small tortoisehells a two-tailed pasha once, both brimstone and cleopatra, southern white admirals. The project is far from finished yet the soil is mostly tuff' that volcanic ash and neutral not quite basic enough for orchids (a personal gripe) without a bit of help. At this time of the year when I do not hear the despicable morons with guns it is paradise.Paul
 Valery from Latvia:December 30th, 2008
Spirit's sign !
 Amber from USA:August 14th, 2008
beautiful! My favorite color is orange. I love the contrast and the DOF.
 CA from USA:January 25th, 2008
This butterfly is one of the fritillary species. Not certain if it's a Nokomis fritillary which is found out west.
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