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Radiant Leaf
A small leaf in the forest, back-lit with the light of the sun, glows a brilliant green, showing off all its intricate detail. September 29, 2007 in Tennessee, USA.

 karen from USA:January 20th, 2012
Such intense green! So beautiful.. Thank you!
 mike from Canada:May 19th, 2010
yes richard very nice choice for a scheme if i say so myself
good luck dude ..
 alex from Ukraine:May 12th, 2009
it's wonderful exciting image of nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 richard from USA:February 6th, 2008
this is an amazing shot! is there any possibility you could send me the full size image so that i can fully appreciate it as the wallpaper on my imac?
 neris from cumaná estado sucre:November 23rd, 2007
me encanta esta pagina esta de lo mas linda
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