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Winter Brilliance in Tennessee
As evening swiftly envelops the Tennessee landscape, the sun casts its radiant glow high up into the evening sky, brilliantly highlighting a wide swath of clouds above with its vibrant array of colors. An Oak tree stands high above the Tennessee landscape, silhouetted against the brilliance of the scene. January 11, 2008 in Tennessee, USA.

 Nature Girl from Location unknown:July 13th, 2012
These are beautiful pictures and I plan on downloading them. If we could post photos I would post one of the most beautiful wild flowers I ever saw... If only you could see them🌺
 Anonymous from USA:November 7th, 2010
SPECTACULAR!!! Our Creator had this all planned when He put us here. For our enjoyment! He deverves our THANKS!
 Mike from USA:October 16th, 2010
chem trails, anyone?
 Angelista from Ivorycoast:May 4th, 2010
waw! I didn't know it would possible to obtain so beautiful pictures with a camera! wonderfull!
 paolo quattrini from Italy:March 16th, 2010
magnifico tennesse
 Nauser from Russia:October 19th, 2009
Its fantastic!
 Anonymous from Location unknown:August 24th, 2009
Quiero ser arborada, cielo rojo, pinceles quiero ser en el espacio
para pintar de purpura los cielos y contemplar los colores en la noche.
Ada Mirtha
 Natasha from Location unknown:August 8th, 2009
Очень красиво! Нет слов!!!
 Reini from Austria:June 7th, 2009
 matteo from Italy:May 22nd, 2009
wow ! life is now.il tempo è tutto più ce n'è meglio è .arrivederci Roma.
 dabu from Russia:April 16th, 2009
I would say injured tree against the sky's scar
 WGS from Russia:March 19th, 2009
Вах как круто!
 Valery from Latvia:January 6th, 2009
It's just a small window
into this unpredictable,
enigmatical and admirable
world. Thank you for great opportunity to watch out through.
 silvia from Italy:October 29th, 2008
it's incredible how nature could be so wonderful!
it leave me breathless!
 pauline from France:September 17th, 2008
magnifique photo
 juan from Mexico:September 8th, 2008
una foto hermosa
 sara from USA:July 31st, 2008
Most Beautiful picture
 Edyta from Poland:July 27th, 2008
I love this photo! I love taking pictures of sky....
 Berndel78 from Germany:June 26th, 2008
 esha from India:May 15th, 2008
it is an evening when u feel ecstatic and scared at the same time.
 laert from Brazil:May 13th, 2008
Você é uma grande e maravilhosa pessoa. Por isso, desejo toda a felicidade possível.
Que no seu aniversário, sempre seus desejos sejam concretizados. Você realmente é uma pessoa que merece tudo de bom que a vida possa oferecer.
Uma pessoa como você não encontramos todos os dias e nem em qualquer lugar. Que hoje e sempre os laços de amizade que nos unem possam se fortalecer, possam se renovar. E que Deus te ilumine e ajude a concretizar seus sonhos e encontrar a felicidade, pois você é muito especial
 nabil from Morocco:April 4th, 2008
salam marhba
 rina60 from USA:March 27th, 2008
awesome, congratulations
 suleman from Location unknown:February 24th, 2008
fab ,perfect timing
 Abdallah from Algeria:January 21st, 2008
This is one of the most beautiful photographs of winter.
 Abdallah from Location unknown:January 21st, 2008
A real natural landscape..
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