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Tennessee Sunset
As evening swiftly envelops the Tennessee landscape, the sun, just below the horizon, casts its radiant glow high up into the evening sky, brilliantly highlighting a wide swath of clouds above with its vibrant array of colors. January 11, 2008 in Tennessee, USA.

 PeterPan from Location unknown:November 16th, 2011
incredible. must've been an awesome moment to be there. guess i really should visit the US someday. great pic.
 Julkoul from Location unknown:December 2nd, 2009
As the full moon sets here in NYC-I log on my computer early this morning and see this beautiful sunset once again reminded of God's gifts. Your photos are religous experiences for me. Thank you once again JS.
 =Gr3stuz= from Location unknown:July 20th, 2009
hi!! I'm Greta, I'm italian girl and I think that pictures is so beautifoul!!
 Mihiko from Georgia:July 3rd, 2009
 Thomas Wenzlaff from Germany:June 15th, 2009
cool pictures said http://www.wenzlaff.de
 katja from Italy:June 7th, 2009
un foto bellissima,complimenti!
 Larisa from Russia:April 1st, 2009
Great sky!
I took the picture of the sky in my city Novosibirsk.
It has something in common with yours :-) I can email it to you if you like. Tennessee and Novosibirsk are so much far from each other but we can see something alike above us... Best regards from Russia!
 Georg from Georgia:March 21st, 2009
Fak :-!
 Anonymous from Netherlands:January 2nd, 2009
the clouds look like a huge eagle, spreading it's wings over the earth
 Paulo from Spain:December 12th, 2008
Very nice the sunset in Tennesee!
 kelvin from USA:December 9th, 2008
Very very nicy you should get a pat on the back!
 Misha from Russia:December 2nd, 2008
Very nice
 Willem from Southafrica:May 29th, 2008
 ilyas from Kazakhstan:March 24th, 2008
 Svetlana from Ukraine:March 23rd, 2008
What a beautiful sunset! I wish I could visit Tennessee. It looks awesome!
 WarhammeR from Russia:March 16th, 2008
 Aleksey from Russia:March 13th, 2008
What a wonderful photo!
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