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Ascending Tree
Pine needles, caught on their long fall towards the ground, are held many feet off the forest floor, trapped by the rough bark of a small pine in Tennessee. January 13, 2008 in Tennessee, USA.

 Jesthony from Venezuela:December 20th, 2012
Adam, that is high praise ieednd, coming from the chief archivist. Do the recent posts on mean that you have returned to the excavation? Lily, thank you! I strongly urge all Aerophant readers to explore the Bloglily Summer Reading Program. It's making me realize just how much I've missed things like rules and points and categories and prizes. Bravo! Julio, another old friend; always lovely to see you here! Hi Charlotte, I am thrilled to welcome a reader from the wonderful Chicken Corner. I confess, I have to look up Tuolumne every time I use it. Squirrel, Amber and Smartz, thank you for those kind words. Dearest Farmlady, worry not: that's what the wings are for. Also, I think I may be the most dangerous creature in the wild, next to the wolverine.
 Sameer from Location unknown:February 25th, 2012
Fantastic shot.
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