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Pines Rise Up
Pine trees rise up together from the forest floor, filling the rich blue sky with the green of their branches. January 9, 2008 in Tennessee, USA.

 Munanjinappa m from India:July 6th, 2012
Super. . . . . .
 Ray from Location unknown:February 28th, 2012
WoW, pictures are ONE thing that can speak to the soul FOR SURE!
When [email protected]@King at a picture that your eyes like, it's the COMPASSION of the photographer that YOU ARE DRAWN TO!
The eye that captured it is the first too have seen And feel the WARMTH & LOVE THAT YOU ARE NOW SEEING/FEELING!
Better then any DRUG!
Look and have a nice TRIP!
Thank you for the pictures!
 Lighthouse from Germany:November 19th, 2011
Excellent-perfect-the beautifil Motiv in a great Landscape..Well Done!!
 nipendra thakur from India:October 29th, 2011
cool n picture is wow
 tajuddin from India:October 28th, 2011
what a beauty-full scenery
this image is cool
 Elaine Ossipov from USA:October 20th, 2011
What function did you on your image program to draw the trees closer in at the top, looks almost like a cone shape, i'm ok with graphics, but i'm just starting to learn about photography
 prabhakar patil from India:October 17th, 2011
mindblowing toogood
 mobin from Azerbaijan:September 30th, 2011
very nice
 Maggie from USA:June 28th, 2011
Wow...what a unique picture..it made my day!
 Terri Free from USA:June 10th, 2011
awesome photo....thanks for sharing
 rameshpower from India:May 27th, 2011
super picture
 mmbar from USA:November 16th, 2010
What can I say that hasn't already been said? I love nature photography. Great perspective in this photo! Just lovely, thank you!
 Richard Alpert from Russia:October 6th, 2010
It's like a lens!
 Badee from Location unknown:August 30th, 2010
 Isabel L. Taylor from Location unknown:August 19th, 2010
Just beuatiful, thanks for your great job.
 saumya from India:June 8th, 2010
its really very nice
 Eliz from Netherlands:September 1st, 2009
Nice pic!!! did u made it with a special lens????
 Elizabeth from Location unknown:August 2nd, 2009
These photographs are absolutely amazing!
 c raju from India:June 18th, 2009
charming photography
 Anonymous from Chile:April 19th, 2009
very nice
 "Малий" from Ukraine:April 12th, 2009
...so the mysterious forest. an eyeball-trees.
 Estel from Russia:March 21st, 2009
Beautiful!!! Looks like world tree - Yggdarsil!!
 Kamy from USA:September 1st, 2008
My daughter is a sophomore in HS and she has shown an interest in photography. What sort of camera would you recommend for a beginner and also what program would u suggest for editing pics(that's w/i reason, costwise).

Thank you. Your photos are beautiful.

 serk from Russia:August 31st, 2008
The photo is thought originally up, as though our Earth, all also is diverse, there is a bottom the-Hell, there is a top-РАЙ.И all such awful and beautiful
 miqing from China:August 29th, 2008
very amazing!that's very very beautiful and fantastic!
 Praveen from Location unknown:August 26th, 2008
 babar from Pakistan:July 10th, 2008
a splandid snap.beautiful.
 Jonathan from Mexico:June 13th, 2008
It is great to see these pics always ,reminds me that, we still have beautiful places on the Earth, so let's keep them save !!
 Nastya_B from Russia:April 4th, 2008
 daria_green from Russia:March 12th, 2008
that's amazing/thank u very much.i wish i could take pictures like these/
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