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Ladybug in the Field
A small Ladybug sits on a blade of grass in a Tennessee field in Summer. June 2, 2008 in Tennessee, USA.

 Melissa from USA:October 13th, 2011
Also I love the crystal clear solid shell of this lucky lady bug. Lifts me!
 Melissa from USA:October 13th, 2011
Love-gushing, tender, warm, gentle, subtle infused photo!
 Nikedis from Italy:December 19th, 2010
Questa foto è bellissima!!!
 Tanveer from Pakistan:December 12th, 2010
these all pictures are amaizing. wow !
 Tanveer from Location unknown:December 12th, 2010
soooooo bbbbb uuuu tttt ful. amazing
 bade from Turkey:August 14th, 2010
it's very perfect picture.I love it..
 DANNELLA from Location unknown:December 7th, 2009
c'est tout simplement merveilleux! quelle beauté! félicitations!!!
 Ami from Ukraine:November 6th, 2009
great shot!
 virgy from Italy:May 24th, 2009
troppo ma troppo ...carina sta coccinellina!!!
 RiT from Georgia:April 13th, 2009
its Georgia?
 Tanya from Ukraine:April 13th, 2009
good picture
 "Малий" from Ukraine:April 12th, 2009
very.very.very good!!! Ah!Oh! Thanks!
 carina from Argentina:February 7th, 2009
que presiosura!!!!!!!
tienes unas muy bellas fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Rinda from Indonesia:January 6th, 2009
I know I always love a ladybug.. :D
 Saly from Azerbaijan:August 21st, 2008
So beautiful!!!
 Edyta from Location unknown:June 4th, 2008
Your pictures are simply amazing & beautiful.
Even such a ladybug can be worth of taking the picture:)
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