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Trees of White
Trees painted white by the snowfall of the previous night stand sparkling in the radiance of the morning sunlight. December 12, 2008 in Tennessee, USA.

 bakr shalaby from Location unknown:May 20th, 2013
Very beautiful landscape breathtaking
 Karen from USA:July 12th, 2012
Only God could make such colors! The royal blue of sky. The cottony soft white of the drifting clouds. The contrast of the crisp, frozen fresh white of ice & snow. Your description: Radiance - puts it all together!
 Miriam from Spain:April 29th, 2011
Wonderful photos!!!
It's delightful to the view and revitalizing
 maricris from Location unknown:December 22nd, 2009
Oggi a Milano nevica, tutto è più bello, ma non così!!
 Ter4ik from Russia:September 13th, 2009
In Russia, such beauty for almost four months of the year. In these days of nature as it freezes and life seems serene.
 Pedro Paulo Deodato from Brazil:April 23rd, 2009
My friend, you´re a gift of God for us, because this photo´s plainly fantastic! Thank you. Gby.
 pallavi from India:March 23rd, 2009
it's wonderful, really thanks for god that he has made such wonderful things and places for us
 Max from Russia:February 4th, 2009
I like winter!
 www.Wenzlaff.de from Germany:January 17th, 2009
...coole Farben.
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