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Tennessee Sunset Panorama
Tennessee Sunset Panorama September 22, 2006 in Tennessee, USA.

 magda from Poland:November 7th, 2008
 Giovanni from Location unknown:November 7th, 2008
Extraordinary and Beautiful pics. I'm love in it!
 angie from USA:April 14th, 2007
beautiful pics
 Hui Xiangli from Beijing:March 24th, 2007
I love your photos very much.
 John Sercel from Tennessee:March 19th, 2007
Hi Bart and Tammy, sorry about that!
I removed the "Order Print" button from the Google Module, so hopefully it won't be as distracting.

When redesigning a site there are always some things that work and some things that don't. It's always good to get input from users. Thanks!

By the way, if there are any more suggestions, thoughts, or ideas about something you'd like to see, you can post them on the forum at http://photos.jstechs.com/forums/
 Tammy from Utah:March 19th, 2007
I love your pictures and I love having them on my google homepage, but I have to agree with Bart from California, its very distracting to have the new advertising, in fact I almost deleted it from my homepage because its just not as beautiful as it used to be.
 CR Bart from California:March 19th, 2007
I really like your pictures, but to have the advertising showing on Google, takes away the pleasure of the picture. Maybe you could just have things set so people can click on the picture to order one.
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