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Hanging Lake
Hidden nearly a thousand feet up in the steep walls of Glenwood Canyon sits Hanging Lake, its crystal clear waters brilliantly reflecting the intense blue-green of the sky and trees surrounding. July 18, 2007 in Colorado, USA.

 Reny Withaar from Netherlands:May 25th, 2011
excuses i'm from the Netherlands!!
 Reny Withaar from Location unknown:May 25th, 2011
I was there in august 2010 and it was breathtaking beautifull!!
 Констk from Ukraine:April 20th, 2011
Почему озеро называется висячим?
 Anonymous from Ukraine:April 20th, 2011
Какое красивое озеро!
 Pedro from Mexico:April 20th, 2010
Hermosas fotos las que pude encontrar aqui FELICIDADES excelente pagina!
 Steffi from Austria:February 9th, 2010
I'm loving it!
 JIgesh from Location unknown:October 3rd, 2009
Gods gift
let preserve this
 NAYRA from Spain:August 12th, 2009
 RachelS from USA:July 5th, 2009
We are going here this Autumn. I am so excited! I saw a photo of Hanging Lake long ago when I was a little girl, and have always dreamed of going there. For now, your photos are my inspiration till I see it for real!
 Rossella from Italy:May 4th, 2009
this is one of the nicest places I have ever seen...and the picture is unbelievable.Bravo!
 Sally from Azerbaijan:April 9th, 2009
I'd like to be there.....
 Ada Mirtha Mendoza from Location unknown:October 6th, 2008
El arbol derrivado y triste, seco y abandonado,se salpica de belleza cuando se siente abrazado por un hermoso paisaje
 Anastasia from Andorra:August 28th, 2008
nice! the beauty of nature!

la belleza oculta siempre sale a la luz!
 wilhians from Location unknown:August 8th, 2008
A natureza muito bela e deve ser apenas observada para permanecer como
 Cheyen from Suriname:August 4th, 2008
That's a beautiful lake it surely makes you forget all worries
 Sheyla from Peru:July 19th, 2008
oh que bonita esta la vista excepto el tronco que esta en el suelo.
 Calvin B. Eriksson from Sweden:June 28th, 2008
The most spectacular lake ever discoverd, and so amazingly captured, you can almost se yourself being there by just looking at this photograph!
 BVD from Location unknown:June 9th, 2008
Didn't we jump into this lake?
 Jeremy Briggs from USA:June 7th, 2008
I grew up in Denver, just three hours' drive from this place. I have hiked up to the lake no less than 10 times over my lifetime, the last time as recently as last year. I can say that the lake hasn't changed a bit since the 1980's! People are respectful, and the Colorado Parks Service maintains it well! I miss home!
 focavasile05 from Romania:June 3rd, 2008
very nice
 Nena Roselena from Mexico:June 3rd, 2008
ohhhhh guauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
me encantaria vivir aqui con mi amorcito corazon.
 RM from USA:May 29th, 2008
Wow, what a beautiful place.
 Tom from USA:May 21st, 2008
Very beautifull!! to bad people have found it and will ruin it with trash and carelessness.
 Claire from Philippines:April 5th, 2008
Thank God for His creations!! Amazing
 Lynn from USA:February 2nd, 2008
Oh, to have been the one to discover this lake so high in a mountain!
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