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Waterfall at Hanging Lake
Nearly a thousand feet up in the steep walls of Glenwood Canyon a waterfall pours into Hanging Lake's crystal clear waters, brilliantly reflecting the intense blue-green of the sky and trees surrounding. July 18, 2007 in Colorado, USA.

 Anonymous from Location unknown:July 27th, 2013
Захват света и воды, - это просто гениально... тот, Кто делал этот снимок, безусловно, имеет свой путь с камерами и природы. Действительно хорошее сочетание, скажу я вам.
 Yahya Akad from Turkey:July 4th, 2013
İşte gerÁek bir hazine bu.
 sdfasdfsd from Kyrgyzstan:June 24th, 2013
От души
 Nature Girl from USA:July 13th, 2012
The capture of the light and water is just brilliant... Whoever took this picture certainly has their way with cameras and nature. A really good combination I must say.
 lila from Algeria:May 9th, 2012
rinces tes yeux ,c'est un beau paysage
 wahida from Location unknown:May 2nd, 2012
bonjour wahida , quel lieu magique pour nous deux en duo
 SUDESH GUPTA from India:September 19th, 2011
snap is really soothing.
 earthquake from Location unknown:August 8th, 2011
too much photoshop, in my opinion..
 rameshpower from India:May 27th, 2011
you picture is super
 valery from Latvia:May 7th, 2011
Water just flow and while flowing it can't become a dead. Our destination is continue to flow.
 rob from Italy:December 25th, 2010
 rob from Location unknown:December 25th, 2010
i wanna come and see it!! it's beautiful!!!!
 Richard Alpert from Russia:July 21st, 2010
It looks like a waterfall on the Island from Lost, where Jacob was on duty!
 Jules from Italy:June 10th, 2010
fantastic *_*
 Elena from Location unknown:June 2nd, 2010
This picture is absolutely beautiful!!! Wish I had taken it!!!!
 Fabio from Switzerland:May 3rd, 2010
Questo Ť davvero il paradiso terrestre...e l'uomo non puÚ fare altro che immortalarlo,non potrŗ mai riprodurlo
 margot-rs from Location unknown:February 8th, 2010
magnŪfico colorido,amo a natureza em toda sua essÍncia!
 Aanica from Location unknown:January 18th, 2010
Just beautiful! I love your work...
 cholo from Italy:January 13th, 2010
ego numquam pronuntio: "pastello!"
 sara from Location unknown:November 29th, 2009
che bella! si deve parlare in inglese?
 martina from Location unknown:November 8th, 2009
 hicham from Location unknown:October 10th, 2009
oh my god filling a peace
 Victor from Israel:October 5th, 2009
Magic place at specific light time and long exposition. Excellent picture
 توته from Location unknown:May 28th, 2009
وحشتينى يااغلى مافى حياتى وعمرى اعمل ايه عشان اقولك انى بجد دايب فيكى
 Lily from Italy:May 2nd, 2009
Beautiful! I love it ♥
 daniela from Brazil:March 1st, 2009
essa imagen ť simplismente linda,lugar maravilhoso pra meditar e relaxar!
 jess from Location unknown:February 20th, 2009
its so beautiful
 Влад from Russia:November 6th, 2008
Сказочная красота!
 Amber from USA:August 7th, 2008
perfect exposure!
 Lucrezia from Italy:May 25th, 2008
I think that this image is beautiful and strong becouse it can transport you, with fantasy, in a magic world where dreams become reality...
bye bye Lucrezia
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