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Streams of Autumn
The vibrant leaves of Autumn, once a rich and glowing green, now fall slowly away to the ground, floating silently by on the streams of Autumn. October 26, 2007 in Tennessee, USA.

 Janet from USA:October 28th, 2014
Louis C. Tiffany would have loved this photo. It would make an exquisite stained glass window and is a wonderfully beautiful photograph.
 sam from Algeria:February 16th, 2012
merci, point de mots pour décrire le plaisir d'un tel paysage
 Cindy from USA:January 4th, 2012
Beautiful pictures. I live in the city and havent been able to go out and see the beautiful world God made. This site lets me see some of it. Thank you and many blessings.
 Jayde from Namibia:December 9th, 2011
Holy cnoicse data batman. Lol!
 ajay singh from India:November 11th, 2011
wow! it's amazing
 ajay singh from India:November 11th, 2011
wow! it's amazing
 ajay singh from India:November 11th, 2011
wow! it's amazing
 Emilia from USA:November 26th, 2010
Your photos are amazing! Although I am gonna criticize one thing, your tree photos could be a bit more interesting BUT it is absolutely beautiful work~!
 Ilda from Mexico:October 17th, 2010
All your pictures are amazing, I love it!
 Susmita from Location unknown:July 10th, 2010
Awesome picture!!
 Elena from USA:June 2nd, 2010
 swetha iyyar from India:May 22nd, 2010
wow..................!!! what lovely autumn
 Michelle from Southafrica:October 25th, 2009
Wow, these are amazing!! are they free to download and use?
 Timofey from Russia:September 8th, 2009
 lila inostroza from Location unknown:July 12th, 2009
ohhhhhh mon Dieu....merci pour mes yeux , je peu voir des fotos....the paradise , wooooooaoooo ,solo Dios puede crear tantos colores !!!!
 Starman79 from Brazil:June 12th, 2009
Perfect to walk during the Autumn.
 Yi from China:May 10th, 2009
Colourful fall
 lin from Mexico:February 25th, 2009
it is wonderful, I am feel a great peace when I see it.
thanks for sharing
 Nadia from Israel:January 14th, 2009
Very nice picture!
 Céline from France:December 16th, 2008
Incroyablement beau !
 Gerda from Netherlands:October 23rd, 2008
This is so beautiful!!!
 Tim from UK:September 11th, 2008
This is beautiful...
 Rob from UK:September 11th, 2008
It's amazing how you found all colours in those leaves. Love this picture
 Suzanne from USA:August 31st, 2008
I am so happy to have found your website - your pictures just put a sense of calming, serenity, & joy in my heart! Thank you for your beautiful work!
 wilhians from Brazil:August 8th, 2008
É linda a natureza
 svetlana from Russia:August 6th, 2008
Какое буйство красок. Обалдеть!
 cathy from France:May 26th, 2008
Un lieu simple aux couleurs chatoyantes mises en beauté par la qualité de la prise de vue. Magnifique!
 Dmitri from Russia:May 13th, 2008
Люблю я пышное природы увяданье, в багрец и золото одетые леса.
 gerry from Italy:May 1st, 2008
 Josean from Spain:March 21st, 2008
Simplemente Hermosa e increible.... Nuestros hijos merecen ver estas bellezas.. cuidemeos nuestra tierra.
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