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I was walking by the woods this evening, just moments before the sun went off to start another day in another place, and looking into the woods I saw the sharp shafts of low golden light piercing the darkness of the forest.

And high up in the trees, bunches of leaves here and there were on fire, engulfed in the dying light. Entire branches were bathed in it. Old trees, standing with their scaly bark for so long, now softly touched by the whispers of passing light as it moved slowly across, never able to stay too long in one place, before dying out completely and leaving the forest on its own once again.

But something was different. Or I was different. I saw something--a pattern, a layer, a manifestation somewhere deep beneath the surface of it all but visible in that instant, something in the way the sun was touching everything and changing it at once into something completely different. And it shook me. It's the kind of thing you can only recall seeing once or twice before and can never remember exactly when or where or even what--what did I see?

When I catch a glimpse of that image of beauty in the world, I want to capture it and preserve it in a more permanent way, knowing that what I'm seeing will probably never look just the same again, and that only I was there to see it in just that way. God's creation is so incredibly beautiful, and it's a shame that we so often do not notice it. We can so easily just walk on by and never stop to notice the tremendous beauty that so perpetually surrounds us.

I hope these images can help you appreciate and enjoy the tremendous beauty of nature. - John Sercel

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All of my photos are offered under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license, enabling free use as long as you 1) cite JS Nature Photos as the source, and 2) make sure these photos are offered under this free license wherever they go. So do absolutely whatever you'd like with these photos, just follow these two guidelines:

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  2. Share Alike - If you alter, transform, or republish these photos--whatever you may do with them--you must offer the resulting work under the same or a compatible license. Any future use must be offered freely.

So feel free to download, print, share, republish, or even sell these photos in any way you like. Easy print, download, and share buttons are provided with each photo. If you do something interesting with them I'd appreciate hearing from you, but permission is not necessary.

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