"I died for beauty, but was scarce / Adjusted in the tomb, / When one who died for truth was lain / In an adjoining room."   -Dickinson
JS Nature Photos
Nature photography by John Sercel

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User Reviews

 mahendra from Location unknown:November 8th, 2014
 jiggi from India:June 6th, 2013
 summer from Philippines:February 13th, 2013
 asantha from Srilanka:February 8th, 2013
"struggle for existence" in nature and it struck him that as population.

Charles Darwin
 asantha from Srilanka:February 7th, 2013
"struggle for existence" in nature and it struck him that as population.
 behrooz from Iran:January 7th, 2013
hallo my frend
 hitendra from India:January 6th, 2013
 asantha from Srilanka:January 1st, 2013
"in All Things of nature There is somethings of the marvelous"
 amir from Iran:December 19th, 2012
 Kamlesh from India:August 24th, 2012
Wowwww waht a Buti...
 S.Sugumari from India:June 26th, 2012
Very nice pictures,and also i love that nature very much.
 kadam chandrakant from India:June 23rd, 2012
 sk from India:May 6th, 2012
nice photos
 ganeshg from Location unknown:April 30th, 2012
 nezar from Iraq:March 31st, 2012
It is really good
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